Bin Trials – Full list of comments

Can’t get enough bin trial information?  It’s your lucky day!

After writing up the post on the bin trial report, I put together a freedom of information request for the full list of comments, as I wasn’t convinced the few selected in the report were fully representative.

Got them all recently and they’re below for you to read over (you might need 10 minutes or so….)

Before you do, here’s a wee experiment.  I took the comments selected for the report, and the full list of comments from the FOI request and ran them both through a sentiment analysis tool.

The comments selected for the report came back with an overall ‘Positive’ sentiment, with certainty of 99.7%.  The full list of comments returned an overall ‘Negative’ sentiment, with certainty of 100%.  Make of that what you will.

Here are all 320 of the comments I was sent over:

Just got the flyer throught the door stating that landfill waste is down !!!, well of course it’s down, it only gets collected once a month and it’s the smallest bin…. In the mean time I’m running to the recycling point during 2 weeks of the month doing cleanings job for them…. Will I see a reduction in my council tax for doing cleanings job for them’ Not bloody likely !!! There was a time when all waste was collected every week from one bucket and it worked well, how many beaurocrats did it take to bring out four buckets and complicate things ‘.
Bin men do not help themselves in the public eye, i observed them refusing to take an extra black bag that a woman could not fit in her bin. She has no car so how is she meant to take it to the recycle centre. They just leave other bags lying in the street to be blown around. In view of all the publicised council cutbacks you would think they would do all they can to make themselves valuable in the public eye. Yet we are paying for people to walk about the streets early in the morning looking in peoples bins to ensure the correct items are in them.
The four weekly blue bin emptying does not cut down on my landfill. It just costs more in fuel and time
once blue bin is full all extra rubbish is not sorted to be re cycled it gets put in abag and put into landfill at tip. Ihave ababy granddaughter who visits and her nappies plus my pets sawdust fill myblue bin.Iam re cycling less than I did on 2 weekly collection.When my husband retires soon he will have to use a bus to go to dump with rubbish as our income will drop.
The trial has been fine for us – even with three kids and two still in nappies. It’s a good idea to have fewer blue bin collections to encourage people to recycle more. I would like to see the introduction of a kerbside glass collection.
The trial has certainly made us recycle our waste better, however, we definitely would struggle with a 4 weekly uplift of our blue bin!
The recycling centre at cable road closes at 5:45pm during the week which is no good for people who dont get home from work until around 6pm.
Blue bin needs to be bigger.also you need to survey after summer months as I think there could be smell and vermin issues with 4 weekly collection of land fill bins
The blue bin getting emptied monthly does not work. I now have to make at least 2 trips a month to the recycling centre to dispose of landfill waste which does not fit in blue bin. Did not have to do this when they were emptied every fortnight.
Instead of green bin collection being every two weeks and the blue bin collection every four weeks, the reverse should be the case, ie blue bin every two weeks and green bins every eight weeks. Fo myself, a paper/cardboard collection, would reduce my landfill waste far more than plastics/cans
Felt totally lost due to this trial. Now I have to visit Glenrothes to get rid of my waste. Literally the worst thing the council has ever done.
blue bin needs emptying more frequently as we have pet waste to dispose of. Alternatively a larger bin would be helpful
I don not feel that the land fill waste trial is working. I always have extra landfill waste that has to be taking to the recycling centre and as I do not drive this is difficult. I have to leave filled bags beside my bin in the garden until I can get someone to take the rubbish away for me.
I wish my wast collection service was as good as your grass cutting service.
I feel that every 4 weeks is too long for a bin to be emptied. There is 4 of us in my house and it’s really difficult. We recycle well but have to go to the recycling centre with landfill waste in-between collections.
Broadly in favour of the collection service being trialled, but would suggest that households be offered larger landfill bins. Current bin size capacity is inadeqate for a household of two when collections take place every four weeks; expect that families find it even more of a struggle. Would hate to see fly-tipping increase if the new system is rolled out without increasing size of landfill bins. (Perhaps grey bins could be designated for landfill waste and blue bins for paper recycling, as before’)
cease these never ending bin trials that have and are costing us council tax payer a lot of money what l want is my foul smelling unhygienic brown bin emptied every week , l can live with the 2 week emptying cycle of the blue bin , and Fife Council can decide how many times it wants to empty the grey and the green bin , its up to them , but surely they know that if they do not do it enough and the grey or green bins become overfilled , then the householders will put any excess in the Blue bin
The blue bin trial is not working,3 weeks is too long,especially in summer,I now have to go to the recycling centre at cable road to empty my Blue bin,at least once before it is emptied. Other than that the service is fine,But we need to go back to two week collections for blue bin,it is not a Success as you would have us believe,many residents in the village have the same problem,or you issue us with larger bins.
A couple of points. I think you need a bit more publicity of what happens to the waste after it is collected. Secondly on a recent visit to cable road depot I was told to put plastic in the landfill skip. that tends to defeat what you are marketing.
Overall good service and support the aims and purpose of the service. Clear from some of the neighbors that they are not using the brown bin properly and that is probable cause of complaints over smells etc. If there is a gripe it relates to the collection service -quite oftern bins are left all over the pavement which makes it hard to walk (especially disabled or pram) -occasionally bin waste has been dropped and left on street by collector
I would congratulate Fife Council for taking the lead with the recycling activities. It has caused us to think about the waste we are generating and I think that the amount of waste we have produced has reduced as a result. It is also good to know that our rubbish is being dealt with in the most efficient way possible.
At the Glenrothes recycling centre there is a shortage of bins for certain items.
We do recycle but are now struggling due to the monthly landfill collections, am having to make more trips to the recycling centre.
A lot happier with the trial. The two-weekly plastic collection is ideal.
I would like the return of the old bin system.
Would prefer landfill collections to be once every three weeks.
Suits them fine but unsure how it would work for large families.
Happy with Glenrothes recycling centre.
Trial works well but definitely needs to be on add. cap. for nappies (is on the two weekly AHP route).
The bigger landfill bin is definitely needed for families with nappies.
Would like extended opening hours at recycling centre, evening opening and extended opening hours at weekends. Is concerned about bin trial causing an increase in vermin.
Would like a glass kerbside collection service
Recycling is fine but blue bin is not big enough or emptied often enough.
The bin liners always rip, which puts me off using them. My brown bin is smelly, ive to constanlty clean it. The blue bin should be emptied atleast every 3 weeks, 4 weeks is just too long. I am a great recycler. People with young families must struggle. The paper bin seems to fill up rather fast, esp at Christmas with packaging, wrapping paper etc. The plastic bin is always pretty full every 3 weeks.
Miss the recycling centres being open early mornings and evenings. For working people, these were the most convenient times. Recycling points are great but large stuff needs the recycling centre.
There is a problem when the weather is stormy with bins toppling and waste being blown around
i recycle everything i possibly can and still have a full blue bin. i worry it will become a problem in the summer with heat attracting flies/maggots which happens anyway never mind bins being emptied less frequently.
I live in a property with a communal area for bins. I am extremely careful re what goes in bins but other bin sharers are not so careful and leave bags of rubbish on the ground when the bins are full, and this happens all the time. Absolutely fed up taking my rubbish to a recycling centre and don’t feel it is environmentally friendly for me to drive to Glenrothes with a couple of bags of rubbish. Totally unhappy with frequency of collection for blue bins and the size of the bin us not helpful.
While it would be more convenient to have more frequent landfill waste collections I am happier knowing that Fife council are using these trials to reduce waste and help the environment. I think the trial in out area is just the right balance between eco living and convenience. However I am aware that in the future when our family grows the amount of waste we produce will increase and we may struggle with the current service.
Small blue bin completely inadequate for a family of 5. Meanwhile my neighbours are a couple and have the same size of bin. Crazy. Also you can’t put glass in green bin. Why can’t this be collected. The bin trial is a complete farce. All it results in is me driving to the recycling centre more often.
Recycling has declined as weekly trips to the dump result in most rubbish going in landfill as the bins are already full and the practicality of waste separation is diminished. This is not a solution for family households and regular, efficient waste collection is the bare minimum I expect from any local council.
Please don’t change this back. The only issue we have is how heavy the green bin gets with food waste – but that would have been in the landfill before so I think it is brilliant.We hardly have extra trips to recycle now despite getting through a lot of cans and plastics. Please think about investing in a cloth nappy scheme to publicise cloth nappies/wipes/sanitary products. Also, can you make it clearer why hay/straw from rabbits can’t go in the brown bin please. Thank you.
Extending the landfill (small blue bin) to 4 weekly collections has forced me to regularly take waste to the recycling centre. However, I do not separate any of my waste after the blue bin is full so everything goes in the same bag and into landfill. This trial has massively increased the amount of waste that we as a family now put into landfill. If FC is sticking with 4 weekly collections of landfill they should as a minimum provide a larger blue bin. I believe that 4 weeks is far to long between collections, should be 2 weeks maximum. We had embraced recycling but now find because we are being forced to go to the recycling centre with our waste it is easier, quicker and less messy to simply put all waste in the same bag and straight into landfill. This trial has definitely increased the amount we put into landfill and reduced the amount we recycle. Please return us to a 2 weekly, or weekly blue bin collection. Many thanks
This trial has brought out the worst side in our bin men. my green bin went over a month not getting emptied because passers by kept putting contaminated waste in the bin. this resulted in maggots in the bin that I had to sort through. I don’t feel it is my job to be paranoid EVERY week about whether or not our bin gets emptied because of several factors: our bin men now specifically open our bin before collection every week to check we have recycled properly (extremely patronising, and jobs worth gone mad) I don’t have access to recycling centres as I actually work and the majority of them are only open the hours I am working. I seriously just feel like it is far too frequent now, as the trial has given them the perfect excuse, that bin men will refuse to empty my bins. I am not an idiot I know how to recycle. Why is it my neighbour puts his plastics in a bag then in the bin (to keep bin clean) when I have been refused uplifts in the past for the same reason’ Why are they insisting on checking our bins every time’ Why did my neighbours black bin not get emptied because she had filled a box with other CARDBOARD’ As soon as we can receive justifiable answers for some of these questions I might consider changing my feedback. These trials are ridiculously unreasonable and an environmental risk.
Recycling service is O.K. Struggling with landfill, need more frequent collection for landfill bin or a bigger bin.
Not in favour of new system, preferred old system.
Service is fine
Coping well with new system
Would like extended opening hours at cable road recycling centre, evening opening.
Bin trial works well for us.
Need a kerbside glass collection. Trial is fine for 2 adults, maybe not a large family.
System is working well
Need a glass collection. Plastics still not frequent enough.
Adequate for us.
Think the trial is fine. I go to the recycling centre anyway to take bulky items so it makes no difference to me to take a bag of landfill if I need to. Got a car so easy for us.
Landfill capacity is tight but if you make the effort it works fine.
Fine for us. My son’s family need a bigger blue bin.
I’m converted – love it!
Landfill fine at 3 weeks but not 4.
Fine for us.
Blue bin not lasting. I have lots of cat litter which will smell in the summer.
Prefer the trial system to the previous system.
Very good serivce for us.
Service is fine
Blue bins are too small to facilitate waste for 3 adults over a 4 week period. The recycle centre at Cable Road shuts at 5 pm. Hardly conducive to working peopLe being able to recycle in the evening after their working day. I have saved fife council money by my very small blue bin being emptied every 4 weeks. Can I have a reduction is my council tax – thought not.
I am aware that I produce less waste than most people so I’m not typical. The system works well for me
Need to collect the blue bin material more often than once a month. All the others are fine for us at the moment is every fortnight.
The bin collection service is inadequate for our family. I pay a lot of money for council tax and the least I would expect is my bins to be emptied regularly enough where I do not have to take excess waste to recycling points. The service is a disgrace and you need to have a sincere look at the service offered. I would willingly pay a little more for a better service as what you are offering is inadequate, insufficient and a total farce.
think its unfair on the larger families especially when you have a pet rabbit as well as a toddler using nappies and an over three using pull ups, sometimes we cant get to the recycing as we both work and only have one car between us (when it works) its manageable but sometimes a bit too much
Need bigger blue bin
We don’t receive enough compostible food bags, and have not had any through our door this year. We need to buy a lot and often (though our own error! buy the wrong size which do not fit our bins.
Don’t see much difference – same as before – fine.
The bin trial is fine for me and my daughter, maybe larger families would struggle.
Trial is fine for me, I don’t struggle with it at all as I live alone.
Fife Council have been very helpful to us. We have a bigger bin for nappies and also receive lots of information from you about recycling.
Sometimes difficult with nappies as we have a two year old.
Bin men are lazy. They won’t pick up waste fallen out of the bin.
Bins are always collected on time – good service.
Would like the blue bin swapped with the brown bin (so that the blue bin is a bigger size)
The trial is fine for us. But the change in biobag delivery is ridiculous.
4-weekly collections not enough, especially for bigger families
Struggling with the paper bin, 4 weeks it too long, that’s our biggest problem.Not happy with only getting three rolls of biobags per year! Blue bin should be more often.
Food waste bags are not available locally – only 5-litre bags that do not fit Brown bin should be emptied weekly because they have food waste Blue bins should be emptied fortnightly, if of a sufficient size and if the bin lid is raised/waste is at the side of bins, then this waste taken away too Grey or green bins not bothered about collection frequency – Fife Council choice Speaker at Community Council failed as he was asked 3 times what to do with excess waste and gave no answer
Would like extra blue/grey bin collections at xmas Bin crew damage bins and leave waste on pavement
Would like extra blue bin collection at Xmas. Also a 3 weekly blue bin collection.
If possible a smaller Green bin and a larger Grey bin
My main complaint is with the brown bin for food waste. I think this should be collected every week in the summer months as I consider it health hazard having rotting food lying for 2 weeks. I also note that not everyone uses the brown bin so what do they do with their food waste (everyone must have food waste, especially young families). If the food waste is being put in the blue bins then it is lying rotting for 4 weeks at a time which is not good! I also think there should be a special bin for disposing of dirty nappies, I look after my 2 young grandchildren so need to dispose of the nappies in the blue bin – again these nappies are lying in the blue bin for 4 weeks at a time.
The trial is ok for me as I live alone but my daughter tells me the 4 weekly will be a nightmare for people with babies.
The blue bin collection every four weeks is adequate if there are only two people in the house but it is not adequate if there are more. It would be beneficial to know if the bins were going to be collected am or pm. It is a fire hazard having bins sitting out all night especially the paper bins. We have a large grassy area to cut and the brown bin is not adequate in the summer months to hold all the grass cuttings.
Since this trial has started I have more or less been every week to tip waste. As I am going to the tip I tend to take as much as I can in one go, which means I don’t recycle as much as we used too. My neighbours all seem to be doing the same as myself and I have also took some bags for an elderly person across from us as he had black bin bags sat next to his bins . When this trial started I got a postcard type card to say that people were consulted and they thought less frequent pick ups would be better, I cant understand their reasons for this and would consider that they either didn’t live within the area or never left their houses to see the impact it would have. Since this trial has stated I have saw rats running along the border of my garden on at least five occasions and have had mice coming into my kitchen, one of which fell into a bucket that was stored under my sink unit and it could not climb back out, therefore I would suggest that the cost savings from this project will cost more in the future with more vermin taking hold, though I hope with the warmer weather coming in this may stop at least until the weather gets colder again.
Should be more offer as smelly bin rubbish lying for weeks
Everything O.K.
Would struggle with landfill bin if it went to a monthly collection.
I think the trial is fantastic.
Would like a more frequent green bin collection
The trial is working fine for me and my neighbour.
Trial working O.K.
Trial is working fine for me. Could do with a small battery collection box at local Recycling Points.
I think the trial is a great thing. Could do with a glass collection.
I live alone so the bin trial has been easy for me.
All O.K.
Struggles with landfill bin
Really struggles with landfill bin
Some times my bins are not emptied properly and they leave it with things in the bottom . sometimes the brown bin is only three quarter emptied which does not help
A Glass recycling bin would be welcomed
We sometimes have to take our landfill waste to the recycling centre : the use of a vehicle to travel there is uneconomical and environmentally unfriendly : I have heard that, today (Sunday 8th May) two recycling centres in Fife have been closed because they are full! This surely is not an indication that the current waste collection service – trialled or not – is a success. Also, the four-weekly collection of landfill waste, particularly during the summer, will be a health hazard, for families with small children using disposable nappies. (Not to mention families with pets, who have to dispose of animal poo somewhere.) I feel that the blue bins should be emptied fortnightly, and that the green bins emptied four weekly.
Would like a glass collection. I have to get my nephew to take all my glass away to the recycling points. Everything else about the trial is fine for me.
The more frequent plastic collection is fantastic. Could do with the larger landfill bin but we manage ok.
I have seen no difference in the trial. It’s been fine for me as I live alone.
I wouldn’t mind having an extra bin for glass. I think a glass collection would be a good idea.
To start with we thought it wouldn’t work but it makes you recycle more and it works great now. Very happy with it.
Would like a kerbside collection for glass.
The trial has been great.
The Recycling Point at Rosbine Gardens should be emptied more often.
Haven’t really noticed a difference.
Struggles with blue bin. Preferred fortnightly landfill.
Everything O.K.
System works well
Happy with the trial but disappointed about only getting three rolls of biobags for the year.
Bin crews don’t put bins back in the correct place on bin day
We struggle with the small landfill bin because we have three big dogs.
The bin men take my bins out for me. They are very helpful.
At first the trial sounded difficult but now we are used to it we like it. The men at Cable Road RC are also very helpful.
The trial has been fine for us but my daughter would struggle with more in the house.
Happy with service
Not good enough
Recycling centers close to early.
I do home composting but still a bit of a struggle with 4 adults in HH.
Happy with system
I have Grandchildren who stay regularly and I am struggling with the blue bin.
System o.k.
I am very supportive of the bin trial and think it’s great. One roll of biobags I received were too small for my caddy.
System done properly works & Info provided by the council is good.
Recycling centre is excellent but as a working family I’d like to see extended hours.
The new trial Service with one blue bin collection per month is really too infrequent. I am all for reducing landfill but it’s not realistic
System O.K.
System is fine
In my opinion this trial would have been successful if the blue bin was the same size as the rest or you swap the blue bin with the green bin -I never thought that at xx years old with Arthitis I would have to take bags of landfill waste to the tip ! This is a backward step in my opinion !
The bin system was fine before and it still fine for us now.
I’m really supportive of the trial.
The trial is fine for me. I even put my landfill bin out every 6 weeks on occasion.
We moved from a 2 weekly area. At first we were concerned about the trial but we are actually fine now. It makes you recycle better. It hasn’t caused any extra worry or stress.
The trial has been fantastic but ,y only comment is it’s difficult when it’s windy. We have to put our bins out the night before and often by the following morning they have toppled over.
I think the trial is fantastic. We have always recycled even before the 4 bin system was rolled out.
Glad that the plastic collection has increased to 3 weekly. Our plastic bin was previously overflowing and had to take additional plastics to the Recycling Centre. There are five in my house and the three weekly landfill collection is fine for us.
Pets should be included in the criteria for additional bin capacity.
Easier to use recycling centre than use kerbside bins.
Barely coping at current collection frequencies but would defiantly not be able to fit items in if weeks between uplifts were increased. Brown bins are already a Heath hazard and would ideally like frequency increased. Amount of bins required is difficult for some households to store especially in flats and are often left in streets or in front gardens which is not a good look!
Would like a kerbside collection for glass.
Really could do with a glass collection. The trial is fine for us now as we just have two in the house. When there were four of us it would be a struggle.
There are two of us so the trial has been fine. It would be better if my landfill bin was the same size as my recycling bins.
Glass collection would be useful
Grey bins need uplifted more frequently as ours can be full within 2weeks of collection. Glass collections in the future would be very useful.
The 3-weekly blue bin collection would be fine if I was the only person who used my bin. However, a number of flats all use the communal yard and we end up just sharing bins. I recycle everything possible but my neighbours do not. Thus, the blue bins fill up long before the 3 weeks is up. They are simply too physically small in size. The mere thought of 4-weekly collections for blue bins, as has been mooted, fills me with dread, especially in hot weather. Please bear in mind that we are not all in ordinary houses with sole use of our bins. Some of us share bins with neighbours. 3-weekly blue bin collection is just about doable. 4-weekly would be beyond ridiculous.
We are fastidious about recycling our waste wherever possible. In fact we take items from our neighbours to the recycling centre. However if we did not have this facility we would struggle to cope with plastics/cans and extra land fill items which cannot be fitted in the bin at present. If the lifts cannot be more frequent then perhaps bigger bins for these items would be the answer. We are able to cope with the items for brown bins as we are fortunate to have a large garden and compost heap which we use for garden waste so are unable to comment on the efficiency of this service.We have also noticed when at cable road that quite often people arrive with items which could be recycled however just put them in the land fill units, perhaps this should be addressed if the percentage of land fill waste is to be reduced in Fife.Lastly thank you for the efforts being made.
Don’t like that bis are emptied sometimes in the morning sometimes in the afternoon. . If windy then bins can go flying.
We don’t put our bins out when it’s windy
Bin crew come too early, vandals steal bins overnight. Would like a kerbside glass collection
Good system as can recycle more plastics & cans
Would like a kerbside collection for glass
I think the trial is great – just takes some getting used to. We struggle a bit when our Grandson comes to stay (nappies etc).
My husband uses incontinence pads so we have a larger blue bin. The trial works great for us.
Think the trial is fantastic – it’s nice to see people recycling.
Current system quite good
System is suitable for my needs
Would like a glass kerbside collection
I feel that the new monthly collections are not enough. I have to visit the recycling centre on a regular basis to dispose of household waste. As there are 6 of us living in the house I have the larger bins but this is still not enough. My existing brown bin is not big enough to hold my garden waste when I cut my grass!
Blue bin sometimes not big enough to go a month or collect every 3 weeks
As I plan my grasscutting and hedge trimming to co-incide with collection dates,the collection service works well for us.
Only complaint is the amount of biobags we receive.
We have 5 in HH so struggle with LF140
I feel that the blue bin is not emptied frequently enough. Our Grandchildren are here up to 4 times a week so we have to put lots of nappies in our blue bin. We think a glass collection is needed. Would also like a dog litter bin nearby.
Since being on the trials I have noticed I have had to go to the recycling centre far to much along with many of my neighbours and work colleagues whom are also on the trial so really in the big scale of it all this needs to find a balance possible a 3 weekly collection for the blue instead of 4!
I am a single person and do not have a lot of household waste. I find 4 bins excessive and they are too large for me. It can take months to fill some of the bins and they take up of space at my home. I find it annoying that there is no bin for glassware, bottles etc and I know this is something which is provided for in other areas.
Bin crews do not put bins back correctly
Brown bin smells in summer. Would like a kerbside glass collection.
Blue bin not emptied enough
Recycling Centre staff tell the public to put recyclables into the landfill skips. Concerned about reduction in bio-bag deliveries
I tried reporting someone for not using their bins properly. The call handler refused to deal with it because it is a housing association. I have recently found out I was not the only one to try and alert FC to this but no action taken.. It is not the responsibility of my landlord to check on how people use their bins! If FC ignore this then it makes a farce of the trials and false results.
would be useful to have glass collection. excellent service at Cable Road recycling centre.
Why is polystyrene that comes with household equipment not recycled. In Austria there is no landfill, all for landfill is burnt at high temperature and the residue used in construction to limit what is removed from the hills. Why can’t we have something like that’
Can we please have kerbside glass and can you please enforce that bins are not left out on the kerbside for weeks on end
Waste collection is a not working and monitoring the bins when collected are a false economy as most people are no longer recycling and disposing recyclable goods in the landfill point.
More recycling information about what goes into the green bin required. Blue bin should be bigger.
If things are dropped on ground while emptying bins it would be helpful if the items are picked up and not left on pavements or roadside
No, just that I think it’s a fantastic idea and I’m so glad people are recycling. It’s hard at first but once you get used to recycling and know what bins are for what it’s super addictive! What a difference to the environment if everyone could just recycle most of their junk (we can do this!). I think that recycling should be mandatory for businesses as well as households though (I don’t know is it mandatory’). It would be helpful if you could provide a bin for glass bottles/jars though as well as plastic and paper. I have to save up my glass bottles and jars in a bag in the kitchen which takes up a lot of space until I can get someone with a car to take it to the landfill or a recycling point for me. So please consider doing that but other than the above points I think you’ve got it just right. Please keep up the great work! 🙂
Glass should be collected from the house, as happens in many other local authorities, e.g. London Lewisham, Cardiff from my own experience.
Thornton and stenton Bin Triall is Better bin triall out off the two Trials. plastic fills up quickly and every 2 weeks is perfect Paper can be compacted down to last 4 weeks Landfill can survise every 4 weeks if household Recycle Brown Bin Every 2 weeks Summer but every 3 weeks During winter Month due to it being Food waste Pefert 4 Bin System which should be rolled out in Fife
The bin trial is fundamentally flawed. I have a family of five my neighbors have family of two and have the same size of bins as me. All that you have actually achieved is forcing me to drive to recycling centre at Cable road each week. I actually probably end up recycling less now as I know I will end up having to go to the recycling centre. The people who thought up this bin trail gave no consideration whatsoever to how family’s recycle their waste.
I think it is neccessary to reduce waste, However My partner is blind, and even myself as a sighted person struggle to know what goes into what bin with so many types of packaging and stuff in todays world it is a nightmare trying to sort it all, I am very busy person and dont have time to do this regularly
Blue bin collection frequency needs to be increased. There needs to be more dog waste bins in dog walking areas.
Service is O.K.
Service is satisfactory.
System works
Happy with system
Most of it is sustainable but blue bin needs to be collected every second week
System’s fine
Happy with system
Brown & Green bins need to remain fortnightly
System good but could be better i.e. more frequent collections for the grey and green bins.
Bio-bag quality is getting worse. Bin uplift times are wrong i.e. they lift bins late in the evening.
Happy with system
Bin crew should lift side waste and there should be extra provision for large families.
I am a FC tenant in a block of 4 flats sharing the bins.
it would be better to have have a time for collections eg morning or afternoon as it seems to change each collection
System O.K.
Not enough food bags. Would like an extra roll each delivery Some brown bins not collected if got paper in it.
Bin system is adequate
Bin trial is working
Only difficulty is with the blue bin as we have guinea pigs to clean out every day
Happy with service
Don’t use compostable liners because I never had any delviered
System is working fine
Food bags are weak – I double bag Bins on my TOR are put back blocking my ramp into house Would like a paper/cardboard bin at xx Primary School.
System working fine
Would like a glass collection. Feel high capture rate at Recycling Points is due to householders having no alternative to recycle glass.
Landfill bin and the brown bin should be emptied more frequently in the summer months.
Recycle all I can so blue bin has very little waste in it. Shares all recycling bins with neighbour as both live alone.
Empty plastic bin more often, everything else is fine.
Used special uplift service and was very happy. Everything is braw, only small issue was faulty batch of food waste bags which split (AR delivered 2 rolls)
Landfill and plastic not emptied enough maybe if the plastic was emptied more more often people wouldn’t use the land fill bin as much Wonder if the council tax reduces if the waste isn’t getting picked up as often
After an few initial problems our bin collection seems okay overall. I do find that some of the neighbours have a tendency to overfill the landfill bin which causes a problem. Currently our bins at 8 June are overfull and are not due to be emptied for another week.
A kerbside glass collection would be useful!
I think the blue and grey bins should be emptied more frequently as these are always overflowing by the time they are collected. I do not think the trials are workin out
The landfill should go back to a 2 week collection
I have concerns about the hygiene aspects of the brown bin only being emptied every 4 weeks over the winter. As this period is predominately food waste over winter I have concerns over the bacteria that can build up over this time even with the use of food bags. The bin over this period will have a liquid residue when emptied as the bags are slightly porous and no garden waste over winter to absorb this. I do clean my bin but it would be interesting if a culture was taken and bacteria monitored to see the health implication. Also over Christmas the 4 weekly Brown bin collection wasn’t ideal. The paper collection of 4 weekly over Christmas was especially bad as should have had an extra collection. There has been statements in the paper that there is no increase in rubbish dumped in Trial areas. I have to disagree with this as I’ve seen black bags of rubbish dumped on the road and spilling everywhere on the main road near the Lochty Burn north of Thornton. The council were collecting litter and rubbish from this area this week. The 2 weekly collection of the Green bin has been the best part of the trial and benefited us the most.
I think 2 Weekly for the plastic bin is much better however I think 4 weekly for the blue bin is just too long especially with nappies etc that start to stink. I think 3 weekly would be just right.
Issues with bio-bags, deliveries are slow
Bio-bag deliveries are slow
Would like a kerbside collection for glass
Managing O.K. with bin system
Blue bins not emptied enough. Residents don’t put bins out.
Need more bio-bags to be delivered
System is working o.k.
Collection is often late in the day. Can often be around 19.30. Car parking is at its most congested then and can be difficult for the vehicle collection to access. Noisy at that time.
Brown & Blue bin smell. Need more frequent collections
Bin system needs improving, struggling with blue & green bin. Also the bio-bags are poor quality.
Happy with the recycling bins but struggling with landfill.
The recycling bins are O.K. but the landfill bin is too small. It need to be bigger or be emptied more often.
Good service, though blue bin is at its limit.
Always overflowing and the food waste bin stinks due to only being emptied once a month. Not hygienic and will probably cause rodent problems during the summer months when the food that will be sitting for 4 weeks plus starts to rot. Already loads of flies and it’s only June
yes, I can see the rise of vermin in our back yards if this goes ahead. More disease and illness – don’t do it! We are not all able to manage bins and collections and recycling. Think of the elderly, the disabled and vulnerable groups. Keep the bin men in work!!
I’m happy with the service
Bins should be emtied every week the council gets enough money from this household its the only service we get
Would like to see the bin lorry route so I know when to put the bin out, putting the bin out at 7am for it still be sitting at 6:30pm means it gets knocked over by kids several times and pushed into parked cars. This is also very inviting for people walking by to dispose of rubbish in incorrect bins which could potentially mean it doesn’t get emptied due to mixed ware.
Every 2 weeks is not enough for the brown bin as the bin stinks, starts to decompose and leakes over the paving. The other bins are always full or overly full. I’d suggest a larger Blue bin. More recycling / decomposing bags are required. Thanks,
As a pet owner I have been informed I should have a big Blue bin, if that is the case I would like to receive my big Blue bin
Although I have no issue with my bins most of the time on occasions my blue bin has been full but thankfully my B neighbour has had space. The smell from the bins in warmer weather now lying longer is noticeable. Those who have larger families are struggling more especially with blue bin, see a lot on many occasions over full on bin day with bags lying at side. I feel the blue bin should be back to fort nightly and others left as they are
Do not make the collections less make them more often as I don’t see the point in paying council to do the job myself as it is really the only council service I use. If the council is only doing half a job I should only be paying half the council tax!
I think that everyone should manage their waste properly. The trial is definitely a manageable system. I think it’s great.
Would prefer a more frequent blue uplift – 2 weekly at a push!
At the moment my blue bin gets collected once per fortnight and its always full, if this is going to every 3 weeks then its going to be very hard. I have a small blue bin. Last week I put my gray bin out as it was full, they did not empty it as there was ‘dried’ birds droppings on top of the lid, no note was left but a neighbour advised me.
Would like the green bin emptied more often – especially in the summer.
Had issues with getting TOR service collected. A glass bin would be good – issues getting to points as I’m older.
Despite our best efforts to recycle all our waste where possible our blue bin is always overfilled on the collection date. The current 4 week collection duration is too prolonged and I have to take excess landfill waste to the recycling centre on a fortnightly to monthly basis. Being forced to carry excess landfill waste in the family car is unacceptable.
Blue bin need emptied more often as they smell sitting for 4 weeks and I do recycle needs to be every 2 weeks
With a family of 5 my blue bin I struggle with as I have a lot of waste I do recycle but small blue bin is a struggle with being emptied every 4 weeks and smells especially in the hot weather
Would like to have glass collection. Not all people have cars to go to recycling points and can be rather heavy for o a ps.
A good service only complaint is all of us in our cul de sac would like our bins put back in same place where we left them out for collection…. Please.
The brown bin smells badly even in the winter. It needs to be emptied at a minimum of every 2 weeks. The blue bin is not big enough to cope with the demands of the trial. It needs to be emptied every 2 weeks. Using the car to go to the recycling centre is not Green and detracts from the trial. I am fed up with the council’s approach to this subject and we, the council tax payer deserve a better service and more frequent bin collection. Too many bins already. Fly tipping is increasing (see lanes/footpaths to south of Coaltown of Balgonie)
Sorry, I do not use the food waste so often as i did. I have to use 3 food bin bags together each time as they start to degrade very fast and you end up with a gungy smelly mess in the kitchen top bin! I only use it when I know i will fill it in a day or two max as I am a single household and do not generate that much food waste.
Blue bin wasnt large enough, i have a 3 year old still in nappies/pull ups but my large bin was taken away just before start of bin trial, i now make trips to my nearest recycling centre more it is now weekly because my blue bin is full and would be overflowing, my other bins are usually full as i recycle anyway, and since the trials began i have had a problem with pests such as mice/ants in and around my home, this was never an issue before.
Bins being emptied less often attracts smell and flies and maggots in the warmer months, making more frequent trips to the recycling centres due to not being able to fit rubbish into my bins because they are full
Bin system O.K.
Terrible service. Blue bin is far too small.
Need more biobags
Not enough biobags
Wind in the winter catches the blue and green bins causing litter. The reduction in liners is not an adequate supply.
No problems.
System O.K.
Would like blue bin more often. Liners need more.
No problems
Glass is a bit of a hassle, my daughter takes it to the RP for me.
Very happy with T.O.R. service
The trial works fine for me and my neighbour.
Biobags are poor quality but the trial is fine for us.
Have had to change the way I recycle but the trial has improved recycling in my household.
Struggling with LF140. 5 in H/H so will call to request an LF240. The bin trial makes you recycle more. We are happy with it.
Lived in x and very used to recycling. Really supportive of the bin trial. Think recycling should be picked up even more frequently.
Would like a glass collection. The local RP is too far a walk for me.
Would rather put the trial back to normal – 2 weeks is much better.
I don’t like the trial – feels unfair. Had to wait 4 weeks for a special uplift because they only collect on blue bin day. Decided to pay for it elsewhere. Very unfair.
Happy with the trial but the bin men leave a mess after green bin day.
I have to put glass in blue bin. Would like a glass collection as I can’t walk to railway station.
Blue bin needs to be 2 weeks.
Struggle a bit with my blue bin. Starts to smell in winter time.
I think the trial is great!
I struggle with blue bin because if it is too full the bin men won’t lift it.
Haven’t really noticed too much of a difference. My daughter takes all my glass to the RP for me.
I recycle less, as if I am going to the dump anyway as my bins are full, I might as well throw everything in landfill. Have a full time job and also work weekends and don’t have time for it.
Struggle with 2 people in the house on the 4 weekly.
Think that the four week blue bin is terrible
I only have a blue & green bin due to storage space so struggle a little with 4 weekly blue uplift.
My blue bin used to be full after 2 weeks before the trial started. Now we are managing fine. It’s a habit and I’m supportive of the trial and recycling.
We have 4 in the house and cat litter so struggle a bit with 4 weekly landfill collection.
4 weeks on the blue bin is too long for us.
Require larger blue bucket or current small blue bucket emptied weekly. I pay for rubbish to be collected, if I’m to keep traveling to recycle centers then we should receive rebate. If at recycle centers its against health and safety for your employees to lift our rubbish into skips then surely it is unsafe for the general public to do so.
I know that you are trying to encourage recycling by cutting out the frequency of the blue bins collections but I feel I am putting more in the green bin whereas before if I was unsure about anything I would put it in landfill. Also I don’t think that the 140 lt bin is big enough for a family of four (plus 2 dogs) before the trial never mind making it every 4 weeks
Concerned about incidents of green & grey bind being blown over during windy days and debri littering the streets. Not enough caddy bin bags per household.
I initially thought it would be difficult going the extra week but I’ve made an effort and proud to say it’s great.
Think the trial is great. Everyone just needs to make an effort.
The biobag cut is a disgrace.
Not supplied enough biobags. Kerbside glass collection would be useful.
3 weekly landfill collection is O.K. but monthly landfill collections would be pushing it.
Bin trial is working fine
Need a glass kerbside collection. Also a bigger landfill bin or a more frequent landfill bin collection.
Bins left on street for long periods is dangerous.
Struggle with brown bin in summer.
System is working O.K.
The council should give us more facilities to recycle.
Brown bin smells. There should be special bins for nappies & medical waste
Could do with extra collections at Christmas, also more frequent blue bin collections.
I work away from home on a 28/28 day rota so i miss the blue bin collection as i am at work when the blue bin is emptied and by the time the next collection is due i am back at work. I have to rely on neighbours to put out my blue bin and if they forget my bin is not emptied. It is also not everyone who has a car to enable recycling at recycling centers
the blue bins need to be emptied just a little more frequently.. otherwise it is about right for the collections
Trail service is good, only 1 problem is that if the landfill blue bins were the same size as the other bins then it would be perfect.


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