The Most Dangerous Roads In Glenrothes

Road Accidents In Glenrothes: 2004-2014

Following on from the A92 stuff I put together last month, I thought I might as well see if I could reproduce the map element for the whole of Glenrothes.

I submitted a freedom of information request, and got the raw data back nice and quick.

A few train journeys to and back from work full of fiddling around in excel later, and I’ve managed to get it working.

Usual Google map stuff applies – zoom in to the areas you’re interested in, and click on a dot to see the details particular to that accident.

Dot colour shows how serious the accident was:

  • Green: Slight
  • Blue: Damage
  • Purple: Serious
  • Red: Fatal

The data includes accidents recorded between January 2004 and the end of December 2014.

Here’s a heatmap too, the tool I use has a maximum of 1000 locations to generate a heatmap, so this is based on the 1000 most recent accidents.

Looks like we’re still not very good at roundabouts…

Quite a lot of ‘Unknowns’ in the finer detail of the accidents, but here are a few charts anyway (if you’re on a mobile you can slide these left and right to see them, I tried fitting them on a mobile screen but the text was illegible):

So there you go – the number of reported accidents in general is decreasing annually, but there aren’t really any parts of Glenrothes that you could consider accident free. Fun times.

Think I’m done with the whole car accidents thing for now. Wonder what I’ll stick on here next…let me know if you have any ideas in the comments.

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